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Retirement Strategies Radio

Jul 29, 2019

It’s no surprise that most Americans don’t get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. However, you may not know that 1-in-4 people admit they’re losing sleep because they’re concerned they may not have enough saved for the future. Darrell explains how having (and more importantly understanding) a...

Jul 22, 2019

We use bubble wrap to protect fragile items, and occasionally pop for fun! Wall street is on a 10-year bull run, but it hasn’t always been straight up. We’ve experienced volatility that has some investors wondering if it’s time to bubble wrap their investment portfolio. Darrell explains why you may want to...

Jul 1, 2019

What if you could figure out how to strategically boost your chances of winning the lottery? On this episode you’ll find out about a couple who did just that, but more importantly Darrell will explain how you can improve your odds of succeeding when it comes to creating your own winning retirement!